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Sunday, December 8th, 2024


NJ Expo Center
97 Sunfield Ave.
Edison, NJ 08837

Early Registration

Starts: September 16,2024

Ends: October 14, 2024

1 Event $110 • 2 Events $200

Normal Registration:

Starts: October 15,2024

Ends: November 11, 2024

1 Event $120 • 2 Events $220

Late Registration:

Starts: November 12,2024

Ends: December 3, 2024

1 Event $140 • 2 Events $260

Speak with your instructor for information on how to register

Adults: $25
FREE (15 Years old or younger)

The Challenge of Champions Experience

What is Challenge of Champions?

Twice a year, students at Tiger Schulmann’s locations across the US convene for the largest single-day martial arts tournament in the United States…the Challenge of Champions (COC).  Having steadily grown each year since its inception in 1996, today’s COC consists of 400+ divisions, 1,800 competitors, 4,000 spectators, and over 5,000 individual matches in Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, and Mixed Martial Arts. The COC provides Tiger Schulmann students of all ages, backgrounds, and belt ranks the opportunity to put their skills to the test.  

The Challenge of Champions has been an initial stepping stone for some of the most accomplished athletes who have risen through Tiger Schulmann’s organization. In fact, ALL of Tiger Schulmann’s professional fighters including those that rose to the highest levels of competition in MMA (THE UFC), started in the challenge of champions.  And, while every COC competitor strives to win one of the 1,200 bronze, silver, and gold medals awarded to division winners, the real reward is the chance to compete.

The COC takes place at the New Jersey Convention and Expo Center. There is over 135,000 square feet of space to support the 27 individual competition mats/rings, dedicated warm-up areas, and on-site concessions.

What People are Saying About Challenge of Champions

Neha S.
Neha S.
Smithtown, NY
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Participating in Challenge of Champions was one of the best choices I have ever made. It was very well organized and overall an amazing experience. I was able to meet new people from other Tiger Schulmann’s locations but most importantly, COC taught me that it’s not always about winning, but about overcoming the fear. If you are considering participating in future COC tournaments, I highly recommend you do. You will have an amazing experience and it’s a great opportunity to learn the importance of overcoming fear.
Tom E.
Tom E.
Smithtown, NY
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I can tell you honestly, that we went to this event not knowing what to expect at all and we enjoyed it completely! To watch all the competitors put everything they had into this moment was intense! Ella was having severe anxiety and 100% fought through her feelings! This was such a accomplishment for her! We are so proud of her and grateful to you guys for giving her that self confidence! It was a wonderful, exciting experience for all of us. .
Anna M
Anna M
Redbank, NJ
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Challenge of Champions is an excellent opportunity to test your skills and make new friends. This most recent Challenge of Champions was the 3rd tournament my child had participated in. The tournament, is well organized and managed. I liked the way the organizers queued the participants for their events. The venue is great...The text messaging system was wonderful, especially when ring events ran longer than expected.
Steve E.
Steve E.
Princeton, NJ
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The Challenge of Champions is where you can really see your skill. Where you are in control and can apply what you have learned...without coaching. Just you, your opponent and your skill. Hit the mat and see what you are made of.

Photos from Past COC Events